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Course Overview

An Agile Scrum Product Owner certificate ensures that a candidate can successfully lead Agile Scrum projects in the context of an overall Service and Product Lifecycle, in a way that adds the most value possible for the customer.

In order to do this, the Product Owner provides direction, makes final decisions, and ensures that the Team is aimed at the right goals. The Product Owner is actively engaged with, communicates well with, and listens carefully to arguments from the Team. Within the context of the organisation’s larger business objectives, the Product Owner provides the vision, but also the boundaries within which this vision must be realised. This is achieved by creating, maintaining and prioritising the business value driven Product Backlog. It is the Product Owner’s responsibility to make sure the project earns a good Return on Investment.

A good Product Owner understands the business and the market, is the Voice of the Customer (internal or external), manages the product or service lifecycle and balances the need for both functional and non-functional requirements.

The exam Agile Scrum Master is part of the Agile Scrum qualification program.

Learning Objectives

Candidates should be able to demonstrate the ability to analyse, understand and explain Agile concepts in the following areas:

  • The Agile way of thinking;
  • The Product Owner role;
  • Managing the Product Backlog;
  • Complex Projects;
  • Adding Value.
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Course Syllabus

Module 1

Agile Way of Thinking

Module 2

Product Owner Role

Module 3

Managing the Product Backlog

Module 4

Complex Projects

Module 5

Adding Value

Target Audience

The certification is suitable for professionals working in the areas of Project Management, Software development, IT Service Management and Business Management.

There are no upcoming dates for this course. If you would like to register your interest please get in touch.

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