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Course Overview

To take someone from no experience to a functioning Product Manager, complete with a practicable backlog and the expertise required to maximise customer value

In an age of digital disruption, where even long-standing industries are being challenged from all angles, it is critical for businesses to be able to adapt. One of the key positions enabling this adaptability is the product manager or product owner.

Excellent product managers need to be salespersons, marketers, project managers, designers, and above all, leaders. That is a lot to ask but is necessary to compete in such a demanding market.

We noticed the same challenges coming up time and time again with our clients.

  • Delays in getting value to customers

  • Poor quality deployments resulting in teams spending much of their time on remediation

  • An inability to change direction quickly enough

 The product manager role is in a perfect position to help alleviate these challenges. And to help organisations ensure that these roles re being as effective as possible, we’ve built the Product Manager Journey.

Learning Objectives

Participants …

  • Will have the ability to lead an organisational outcome

  • Can coach the organisation in modern product management concepts

  • Will have the ability to realise value for customers, whether internal or external

  • Will have a completed vision for assigned outcome

  • Will have a list of strategic personas who will be served by outcome

  • Have created an impact map

  • Have the beginnings of a workable backlog

  • Will have a system design to manage the flow of value

  • Have examples and templates for:

    • Agile retrospectives

    • Cultural assessment

    • Coaching

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Course Syllabus

Module 1

Foundation Certificate in Agile AND/OR Foundation Certificate in DevOps AND/OR Agile Crash Course

Module 2

Certified Product Owner

Module 3

The Evolution of Agile

Module 4

What is a product team?

Module 5

Product Inception

Module 6


Module 7

Impact Mapping

Module 8

The Life of a Story

Module 9

User Story Breakdown

Module 10

User Story Mapping

Module 11

Kanban Foundations

Module 12


Module 13

Value Stream Mapping

Module 14

Valuable retrospectives

Module 15

Cultural modelling

Module 16

Scaling Agile

Module 17

Coaching for Performance

Module 18

Software Waste and the Cost of Delay

Module 19

Lean PMO

Module 20

Data-driven Agile

Module 21

Design Sprints

Module 22

Agile Economics

Target Audience

Someone who is, or will shortly be, inhabiting a Product Owner or Product Manager role. A person who is seeking to maximise the value that their organisation is able to deliver.

There are no upcoming dates for this course. If you would like to register your interest please get in touch.

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