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Course Overview

To provide a deep and practical curriculum around good practice for the creation of, and management of, Agile user stories

With individuals from business and IT teams working remotely, it’s more important than ever to facilitate clear, constructive conversations that underpin seamless software delivery.

When use cases or epics are deconstructed into well-crafted user stories, it boosts the organisation’s ability to streamline and accelerate software delivery. So, user stories are intrinsic to one of the critical success factors of the digital economy: rapid, incremental software improvements that continually enhance the user experience.

It sounds straightforward. But it’s easy to lose sight of the need for simplicity. When this happens, user stories can quickly become an ineffective administrative burden.

This programme will take participants through a pragmatic and thorough training programme focused on user stories. We will assume no prior knowledge and aim to leave participants with not only a deep understanding of the why, what, and how of user stories but additionally with the ability to coach the rest of the organisation through the same journey.

Learning Objectives

Participants …

  • Can guide a team through the specification of a successful backlog from a strategic outcome to practical user stories that are ready to work on

  • Are able to ensure a customer-centric view of work

  • Can appropriately prioritise a backlog of work using economic models

  • Can clearly demonstrate how individual pieces of work contribute to achieving a strategic vision

  • Have worked through the process of generating an appropriate user backlog for their own work
  • Will have a vision for their product

  • Will have a list of user archetypes who will be benefiting from the product

  • Will have a clear mapping from vision, through users, to major deliverables

  • Will have the start of a workable 2 dimensional backlog

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Course Syllabus

Module 1

Agile Crash Course

Module 2

Vision Setting

Module 3


Module 4

Impact Mapping

Module 5

The Life of a Story

Module 6

User Story Breakdown

Module 7

User Story Mapping

Module 8

Software Waste and the Cost of Delay

There are no upcoming dates for this course. If you would like to register your interest please get in touch.

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